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I have known Mitch since the 12′s and worked with him until I went off to college. He helped me improve and polish some of the most important aspects of my game, including my serve, return, and forehand. What I like best is that he combines his own previous experience with the knowledge he has gained by observing today’s best pros to provide what I feel is a great combination for success in today’s game. But apart from the technical aspects and his high tennis IQ, Mitch has been a great friend throughout the years. I think the player-coach relationship is crucial for success, and I have always felt comfortable discussing my strengths and weaknesses with him, and that comfort level has been important in improving my game.

[/cd_testimonial][cd_testimonial author=”Richard Johnson – Pepperdine NCAA Team Champion/ATP”]

Mitch was my only coach from 8 years old until I went to college. He was a great player, studies the game constantly, and is an expert at developing and fine-tuning every part of the game. Besides his superior knowledge, what separates Mitch from other coaches is that he communicates simply and focuses on the player in front of him. Without Mitch’s help, I don’t know how I would have gotten to play Division One College and pro tennis. After having travelled and played all over the world and worked with many coaches, I can say without a doubt that Mitch is a world class coach.

[/cd_testimonial][cd_testimonial author=”Hunter Nicholas – San Diego State”]

There is a simplistic sort of confidence in the way Mitch works with his players. His ability to analyze and resolve your weaknesses as well as maximize your strengths brings out his natural knowledge of the game.  After working with Mitch for nearly three years, there were drastic improvements not only in physical attributes but as well as the ever so important mental side of my game. And now that I have first hand experience of the highest level of collegiate D1 tennis, Mitch is a stand out as a top tier coach to get you where you want to go.

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Current NCAA Division I Scholarship Athletes that Mitch has trained:

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Jordan Bridge – Cal Poly SLO
Spencer Smith – BYU
Hunter Nicholas – SDSU
Cierra Gayton-Leach – Texas
Brynn Boren – Tennessee
Joey Brandt – Air Force
Kylie Peek – Gonzaga
Mika DeCoster – UCI
Chris Cooprider – UNC Wilmington
Andrew Warren – Montana
Mathew Siow – Princeton
Calix Van Lier – Northern Colorado
May Vickers – Bryant University
Jordan Faith – Chattanooga
Casey MacMaster – Harvard

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Garrett Labarre – U. of Utah
Arzhang Derakshani – South Florida
Chaz Okamoto – Hawaii
Chrissy Uriarte – Eastern Washington
Emmett Egger – U of Washington
Haley Driver – Oregon
Hong Pei Lu – U of the Pacific
Jacob Spreyer – U of Connecticut
Aubrey Paul – BYU
James Russell – Eastern Washington
Mark Miller – Villanova
Moorea Williams – Southern Miss
Ryan Peyton – Villanova
Stan Vaughn – Liberty University
Megan Sanford – Cal State Fullerton