PRO Development

ELDO PARK (Long Beach)
2800 N. Studebaker Rd.
Long Beach, CA 90815

LOS CAB (Fountain Valley)
17272 Newhope St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Come train with us and learn more about navigating the road to college scholarships as a female player. Mitch has helped place over 100 players on teams across the nation including Harvard, USC, Yale, Columbia, UCLA and more. Register today or give us a call (949) 344-0403.


Be like Andy Wu…

Come train with us this fall semester and put a huge block of training into your development. It takes a big move to make a big change in your game. Spending the school year training like a pro in Southern California is a bold move! Play up to 50 tournament matches in five months without staying one night in a hotel. Train five hours per day with top talent and touring-pro level coaches.

    • Train during the week, tournaments on weekends.
    • Play 15 tournaments/50+ matches.
    • Online school a.m., training p.m.
    • Top talent and tour-level coaching.
    • University placement program with 30 active NCAA scholarship players.
    • College tours this spring to use USC, UCLA, UCI, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Caltech, Pomona, Claremont, Pepperdine and Long Beach State
    • Best climate on the planet!

Tournament play is absolutely crucial to overall game development. No Academy participates in more tournaments in matches than our players. Most of our players compete in three tournaments per month and as many as 10 matches per month without much travel. World class tournaments are held within 20 minutes of our facility. Train during the week and compete on the weekends is our lifestyle.