Gap Year Training (Post High-School)


The Gap Year Training Program

This program was created for post-high school athletes that want to train to earn a college scholarship or improve their college prospects. This program is for players aged 18 – 20 that want to spend a semester or up t0 three years vastly improving their games. Most of the gap year players will be attending junior college in the AM and training in the afternoons. The foreign language students will start with ESL classes and move into regular coursework.

Players train 5 hours per day on the court combining dead ball, live ball, sets play and private lessons to have a complete training regiment. Players also compete on the weekends in the SoCal tournament circuit with world class players.  Train during the week. Compete on the weekends. Fastest way to improve.


Year: $40,000 USD
Semester: $22,000 USD
Price includes:
– Housing, meals, supervision, transportation, tennis training, two private lessons per week & college placement program.



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